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March Newsletter


March Newsletter

Dear Parents and Guardians - 

On March 10th we will be celebrating International Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Day. SEL Day 2023 will focus on Uplifting Hearts and Celebrating Minds. 

I am proud of the fact that at Coyote Ridge Elementary we focus on meeting the social and emotional needs of all of our students everyday. We know that students must feel safe and connected to their school community before they can learn. 

As part of this commitment, teachers hold daily morning meetings and also conduct lessons from the Second Step curriculum weekly focused on how to solve conflicts, be kind, and how to care for others. 

We are a positive behavior support school where we prioritize recognizing students for exhibiting our PACK traits - Perseverance, Accountability, Courage, and Kindness - through praise and positive reinforcement. 

If students make a poor choice that does not adhere to the PACK traits, we believe in taking a restorative discipline approach that encourages students to reflect on what they did, how they can fix the situation, and how they can assure it does not happen again. It is important that parents of students follow up with their child to reinforce the message they receive at school, and I am thankful that parents at Coyote Ridge work closely with teachers and members of the administration to do just that. 

Now more than ever, we embrace the importance of SEL in our schools as we work together to provide the best possible learning experience for every student at our school. 


Dr. Mike