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Multi-Tiered Systems Of Support - MTSS

Multi-Tiered Systems of Support - MTSS 

The Coyote Ridge Elementary Multi-Tiered Systems of Support Model is a school wide initiative that allows for the utilization of resources for students in need of academic or behavioral support.  The purpose of MTSS is to improve educational outcomes for all students.  A continuum of evidence-based, tired instruction with increasing levels of intensity and duration is central to MTSS.  Collaborative educational decisions are based on data derived from frequent monitoring of student performance and rate of learning.  MTSS provides a seamless system of interventions and resources which allows students to make significant progress whether they are not achieving at the same rate as their peers or are not meeting their full potential.  The Coyote Ridge Elementary MTSS Model utilizes instructional strategies consistent with current Adams 12 Five Star and Colorado Department of Education practices such as on-going screening and data analysis to inform instructional interventions, as well as collaborative problem-solving among staff and parents to improve performance.

Core Principles

  • ALL children can learn and achieve high standards as a result of effective teaching.
  • ALL students must have access to a rigorous, standards-based curriculum and research-based interventions.
  • Intervening at the earliest indication of need is necessary for student success.
  • A comprehensive system of tired interventions is essential for addressing the full range of student needs.
  • Student results are improved when on-going academic and behavioral performance data are used to inform instructional decisions.
  • Collaboration among educators, families and community members is the foundation to effective problem-solving and instructional decision-making. 
  • On-going and meaningful involvement of families increases student success.
  • All members of the school community must continue to gain knowledge and develop expertise in order to build capacity and sustainability.
  • Effective leadership at all levels is crucial for the implementation of MTSS.