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Volunteer Opportunities


Students will have the opportunity to use Coyote Ridge's Makerspace for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) activities.  Once students enter the space, they can tinker and create. We have found that when students explore, their individual interests lead them to more inquiry-based learning. The space reaches all students at their level and enables them to take their exploration as far as their minds permit them to, within the allotted time.  Please see your child's classroom teacher for more information and volunteer opportunities.

We are also looking for Makerspace Donations, please consider donating to Coyote Ridge Elementary.

-dry erase markers
-markers/crayons/colored pencils
-origami activities and paper
-friendship bracelet books/supplies
-Rubicks cubes/ speed cubes
-Uno or other card games
-maze ball
-colored/patterned duct tape
-plasma ball/ lamp
-pencil sharpener
-gear toys
-simple machine toys

We are also happy to take any other items you believe fit into the STEAM categories (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art or Math). Thanks in advance for your generosity!

Coyote Cart

Students have an opportunity to earn "Coyote Cash" for good behavior and spend it on Fridays at the Coyote Cart.  We need parent volunteers to help make this successful.  Please sign up to take the Coyote Cart around the school and assist students in making their purchases.  This is a fantastic chance to be the most popular parent at Coyote Ridge once every other week!

Copy Crew

We have a team of parent volunteers to help in the workroom making copies for teachers.  This support gives teachers an opportunity to spend more of their time helping students learn.  Please sign up for a weekly time slot as part of the Coyote Ridge Copy Crew.  Training can be provided by the Office Staff if you need a refresher on the machines.

Classroom Volunteers

Teachers at every grade level welcome parent volunteers at different times during the school year. You can hear about this opportunity from your child's classroom teacher at the back to school meeting shortly after the start of the school year.